Human Tapestry


One of our core values is to leave a living legacy. It is not enough to wish that problems in the world, our country, the economy or in any other area get resolved. It is not enough to complain and tell each other in anger or disgust that ‘they’ should do something about the situation, or feel pity for ourselves or the people affected. Positive action is required to bring about positive changes and we believe that everyone can contribute in a meaningful way, however small.



In line with our core values and our vision to leave a meaningful, living legacy, Applied Learning Academy is developing an initiative under the banner of Human Tapestry which includes:

  • Foundational skills courses specifically aimed at the youth and previously disadvantaged communities:
    • Job seeking and interview skills to help job seekers in finding and securing employment
    • Managing work to help with right behaviour, actions, decisions and skills to manage time, meet productivity requirements, work with others, work effectively in an organisation and build a career
    • Managing money to provide information and knowledge on critical personal financial skills such as budgeting, debt/credit awareness and management, prioritisation of spending and the importance of saving, protection against fraud and an introduction to financial planning
    • Managing life to introduce practical life skills such as understanding the role and influence of beliefs and values, healthy self care, critical thinking and decision making skills, finding balance, goal setting and developing an action plan, managing stressors, anger and conflict, taking responsibility for one’s life and being accountable
  • Making a difference: everyone can contribute towards making a positive difference and we believe that every positive action counts. This section of Human Tapestry is to describe and provide guidance on how an individual can make a difference in his or her own small way, e.g. by recycling and reducing wastage, being water wise, planting trees, growing your own vegetables, helping out at an orphanage or old age home, youth development, adopting a stray animal, supporting a worthy cause, treating oneself and others with respect and care and embracing the diversity of man in day to day interactions etc.
  • Tributes: we will be paying tribute to selected people and organisations who go the extra mile or who have implemented ethical practices in their dealings. Unless we change our focus from criticism and finger pointing to recognising and rewarding those who deliver a good or ethical service/product or go out of their way for someone else, we will continue to experience a decline in relationships, communities and the quality of services and products. Simple actions like sending a note to a person’s manager complimenting a particular person who delivered an extraordinary service help to show gratitude and reinforce right actions and behaviour.
  • Building a human family: language, race, religion, culture, financial standing and other aspects that make up the human family have become the cause for major separation and conflict. These ‘differences’ in fact are the different threads that make up the rich tapestry of the human family. As Maya Angelou states in her poem, The Human Family: “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike”. This section of Human Tapestry will explore the ways in which we are alike and will be based on contributions from people from all walks of life.